Hiro Kurata and Tommii Lim

Tommii LimHiro Kurata

Hiro Kurata & Tommii Lim

June 26th – July 26th 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, June 26th, 7-10pm

Tommii Lim’s paintings problematize the paradigms governing the (in) activity of “minority” races and of Hollywood against an urban American landscape rife with social, cultural and political challenges. His previous work captured silent (complacent) Asians in America through characters with unidentifiable faces. Current work places familiar celebrities or other skeletal subjects in unwittingly destructive situations. He lives, paints and does apparel design in Long Beach, CA.

Hiro Kurata was born in Osaka Japan, and grew up in Tokyo and Chicago. His main focus is in creating surrealistic moment through his paintings,using motif of baseball figures, chairs and monsters. Creation is a progress and he believes that true creation will contribute to the human society in an evolutionary way.