Happy 2010! Ad Hoc Art brings you M-City’s NYC debut just in time for the holidays. For the New Year, prepare for Jef Aerosol.

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  M-City Rocks New York!  So amazing…

Right Elephant

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Regardless of what holiday, if any, you are celebrating, we can all rejoice in M-City’s gift to New York!  We couldn’t believe our eyes, but it was true…  M-City is an abominable force of love and creativity wrapped up in a smile!  Ad Hoc Art is thrilled to showcase Poland-based M-City’s American and New York City debut with an unbelievable wall mural. You can view this testament of awesomeness at 1108 30th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11102

– In January, Jef Aerosol!

BendJef Aerosol is one of the defining movers and shakers in the worlds of stencil and street.  After a solid string of art shows and activities, Ad Hoc Art is thrilled to bring him to New York City with a solo exhibit opening Friday, January 29th running until Sunday, February 21st, 2010.

The exhibition is located at 43 Bogart Street/ED, next door to Ad Hoc’s previous 49 Bogart Street location.

More details to come.

The Lowdown:

Jef Aerosol is a legend of the Street Art. He started stencilling in 1982 in France. With other French artists like Blek Le Rat and Miss Tic, he has pioneered a new way of artistic expression – breaking the limits of gallery spaces and canvas format. Streets have become a free and open exhibition arena. Artists connect directly with the masses and shape public opinion with humour and provocation.

Jef Aerosol initially explored ‘copy-art’ in the late 70s, i.e. creating collages and distortions of photos using all the possibilities of a photocopier. He gradually moved to stencils, influenced by ideas and atmospheres put forward by 70s-80s underground rock bands. Characters are the focal point of Jef Aerosol’s art. Whether they are cultural icons or anonymous people, their attitudes carry a genuine emotion, magnified by texture effects, contrasted colours and provoking wording. Jef Aerosol masters the use of stencil. Like the best photographers, he can catch the truth of an instant to reveal its universality.

Jef lives and works in Lille. His art and its messages get through to people in a unique way.  His work is in private collections around the world and can be seen on the walls of cities like Paris, London, Lisbon and Chicago, New York and Bejing.  He has been exhibited in numerous galleries and has participated to various art street festivals internationally.

“Jef Aerosol’s work is as eclectic as it is original and very personal. It makes me feel good…isn’t that what art is supposed to do.” Chris Wilson, Musician “Flamin’ Groovies”

On his work: “Depending on the stencil and where it is to be placed (in or outdoors) I usually use spray paint but sometime use sponge and brush. Some of my stencils are single layered, other have up to 4 layers. The outdoor ones tend to be life size but in my canvas work I favour close ups, along with colour and texture effects.  I have tried, with pictures and words to call forth memories, emotions, feelings, joy and sadness to honour those who have fed my life with their music, words, art works, movies, ideas and ideals.” – Jef Aerosol.