BKMIA-The Best of Brooklyn meets Miami! December 3-6!

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Garrison Buxton



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December 3, 2009 at 7PM –Opening Night Reception with Artists

Complimentary Beverages provided by Amstel Light

Miami, FL – In an era where being from just “the City” doesn’t cut it, Brooklyn, New York has quickly become the newest epicenter for emerging arts and culture for not only the five boroughs but rather for the global audience. And as the international art world descends on Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, the best of what Brooklyn has to offer will collectively congregate in the heart of the Miami Design District.

Ad Hoc Art brings you over 40 artists ranging from all mediums and styles that best represent the aesthetics and vision of the Brooklyn art scene. This comprehensive showcase will not only emphasize the visionary works of today’s biggest street artists such as The London Police, Lady Pink, Poster Boy and Skewville, but will highlight established contemporary artists such as Scott Draves, whose works in new media has been at the forefront of both art and technology. BKMIA is also proud to debut Mario Brothers, the latest addition to the Brooklyn street iconoclast whose mixed media collages can be seen on such high-profile publications as V Magazine and Interview.


With Miami serving as the perfect backdrop for this diverse group of artistry, BKMIA shines the spotlight on the unique alliance between the two cities as well as showcase the similarities of both cultures in relations to the contemporary art world.



Official BKMIA Artists Featured are:

• Avoid Pi

• Buxtonia {Alison & Garrison Buxton}

• Cahbasmn

• Cash4

• Celso

• Cycle

• Dan Taylor

• DarkClouds

• Dennis McNett

• Destroy & Rebuild

• Eastern District Collective

• Ezra Li Eismont

• Faro

• Flying Fortress

• Frank Russo

• Fred Harper

• Gaia

• Imminent Disaster

• Infinity

• Jim Kiernan

• Joe Vaux

• John Breiner

• John Fekner & Don Leicht

• Jonathan Villoch {DEPOE}

• JuseOne

• Keely Brandon

• Keith Haskel

• Kevin Brady

• Lady Pink

• Logik One

• Lucas

• Mario Brothers

• Martin Mazorra & Mike Houston {Cannonball Press}

• Martina Secondo Russo

• Michael Allen

• Mike De Feo

• Molly Crabapple

• Morning Breath

• NohJColey

• Peat Wollaeger

• Peripheral Media Projects

• Pez

• Poster Boy

Rafel Fuchs

Robert Steel


Royce Bannon

Ryan Doyle and UFO 930

Scott Draves & The Electric Sheep


The London Police

The Senator


Tod Seelie

Uhuru Design


About the BKMIA Team:

Garrison Buxton (Principal Curator) is the co-founder of Peripheral Media Projects, Inc. and Ad Hoc Art, Brooklyn.

Alison Buxton (Co-Curator) is the co-founder of Ad Hoc Art, Brooklyn.

Michael Cabrera (Co-Curator) is the owner and founder of Eastern District, Brooklyn.

Max Pierre (Creative Director) is the owner and founder of AE District, Miami.

Gallery Hours during Art Basel Miami Beach:

December 3, 2009 | 12PM to 5PM

o Opening Night Party 7PM – 11PM with special performances TBA

December 4, 2009 | 11AM to 7PM

December 5, 2009 | 11AM to 7PM

December 6, 2009 | 11AM to 5PM

o Closing Night Party 7PM – 11PM with special performances TBA

BKMIA | 4040 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 103 | Moore Building | Miami, FL 33137 For more on BKMIA, visit www.BKMIA.COM

www.aedistrict.com www.eastern-district.com www.adhocart.org

Gaia & Imminent Disaster

gaiadisaster2Opening Reception: Friday, June 26th 2009

Choosing a moniker after the Greek goddess of the earth, Gaia uses animals, folklore, fairytales and stories from other cultures to convey a narrative within his pieces. Having first been exposed to street art by Cheekz, Gaia’s awareness of street art came as a truly momentous direction for his artistic endeavors. Gaia continues to experiment with different processes as he brings his works to the galleries and the streets of NYC and beyond.

Imminent Disaster first started doing street art as a way of culture jamming. Since then she has gradually been developing pieces that explore the tensions between present day and historical New York. From bits of cobblestone and defunct tramlines to old warehouses gutted and resold as hip condos, Imminent Disaster turns a classical eye toward modern urban life, and reveals what has been lost.