Prints of the paintings from Garrison & Alison Buxton's "Unified Love Movement" installations in OKC, Miami, and NYC.

12" x 12" Giclee Print on Archival Somerset Velvet Cotton Rag Paper

Printed by Ad Hoc Art

As our modern world goes totally bananas, Unified Love Movement is all about increasing unity, positivity, acceptance, growth, and, yes, love. For this installation, the Buxtons invited two of NYC’s artistic gems on board to help blow the doors off the outdated religious school bus. Leo Villareal, brilliant blinkity-blink LED maverick, and Scott Draves, creator of the mesmerizing Electric Sheep entities, lend their brilliance to the mix. Unified Love Movement portrays five figures from five of the world’s faiths - Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and Earth-centered. Each is transmitting their love, energy, and prayer to their respective godheads. Though superficial differences do exist, these religions share profound similarities at their cores, including messages of tolerance, sharing, compassion, forgiveness, and infinite love.

Price: $40.00

Shipping: $18.00

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