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Style Curator Natalie Kates coverage Electric Windows Beacon NY with Ron English interview

On Saturday July 31, 2010 Open Space gallery and Burlock Home present Electric Windows 2010. 30 Artists will converge in Beacon, NY to create live artwork and have their work installed on the exterior of a 19th century factory building. Electric Windows draws it’s name from the former electric blanket factory at the foot of Mount BEacon that will act as the backdrop for the event. This project was made possible with generous support and contributions of the following organizations, friends and sponsors: Dutchess County Arts Council, BACA, The Piggy Bank, Sukothai, The Beacon Bagel, Metro Media Technologies, Montana Colors

Kings of New York on our Welling Court Mural Project

The project represents a great pairing of individuals and groups interested in making their communities and the world a more engaged and creative place. Members of the Welling Court neighborhood in Queens wanted to beautify their neighborhood walls and enliven their surroundings and Brooklyns Ad Hoc Art, known for supporting and expanding the accessibility of street art to the masses in NYC and throughout the world, was an perfect fit. — Kings of New York

Garrison Buxton interview on RevilInNY & Current TV.

Read article & learn more about Ad Hoc Art here!

Jef Aerosol Videos by Charles le Brigand

Jef Aerosol’s Opening Reception for “All Shook Up”

Footage taken during Jef Aerosol’s opening reception at Ad Hoc Art in New York City.

Video by Carlito Brigante

Photography by Becki Fuller and Carlito Brigante

Vernissage: All Shook Up from Charles le Brigand on Vimeo.

“The Boss” featuring Jef Aerosol

Live session in Brooklyn with legendary street artist Jef Aerosol.

Video and Photography by Carlito Brigante

“The Boss” by Jef Aerosol from Charles le Brigand on Vimeo.

“The Door II” by Jef Aerosol

Live session in Brooklyn with legendary street artist Jef Aerosol.

Video and Photography by Carlito Brigante

“The Door II.” by Jef Aerosol from Charles le Brigand on Vimeo.

Chris Stain and Armsrock collaboration

In preparation for their collaboration at Ad Hoc Gallery in Bushwick, Armsrock and Chris Stain sailed deep into the Brooklyn night not far from the huge Brooklyn Navy Yard, hoisting up ladders to put up a large mural stirring the contemplative inner currents of child’s play entitled “I Know There Is Love”, inspired by a Crass song of the same name. Using projections of their original work as well as improvised chalk drawings, the storytelling includes two tadpole-aged lads and a small harbor of imaginary vessels. In it one instantly escapes to a freer time of discovery when multiple dreams were easily set afloat. As if a reaction to the rough and salty seas of daily life in New York for many, the street artist co-captains hang a huge banner across the mast of this ship to announce that it is possible to right the bow and head toward hope. Summer 2009

Willoughby Windows Project

Videos of some of the artists participating in the Willoughby Windows Project in Downtown Brooklyn (88-106 Willoughby St.), 2009
Ellis G

John Ahearn

Dennis McNett

Josh MacPhee & Chris Stain

Logan Hicks

Cannonball Press

Lady Pink