oOo 8th Annual Welling Court Mural Project opens Saturday, June 10th, 12-8pm! oOo




11-98 Welling Court, at 30th Avenue & 12th Street

Astoria, New York, 11102


Public Opening Saturday June 10, 2017, 12pm-8pm

Then viewable 24/7/365

Garrison Buxton, Director – 917.602.2153

AD HOC ART CONTINUES THE ACCLAIMED WELLING COURT MURAL PROJECT WITH 100+ ARTISTS SPANNING 50+ YEARS PAINTING 150+ SPOTS   —  An Art Event Celebrating the Streets, Solidarity, Community, and Culture.

After members of the Welling Court community met at Ad Hoc Art’s Bushwick gallery, they invited Ad Hoc Art to envision how to beautify their neighborhood. Thus, having the community support and a timely visit by Poland’s wall-crushing M-City, the first mural was painted in the freezing temperatures of December 2009. Ad Hoc Art used the rest of the winter to plan the launch of the first multi-block mural project that occurred in May 2010 and comprised over 40 murals. Continually melding a spectacular crew of legendary artists together with a diverse mix of fresh talent, the annual project now hosts over 150 murals by artists from around the corner and around the world, providing new arrays of visual experiences that change how people interact with their environment.

With the participating artists spanning over 50 years of public work, the Welling Court Mural Project is one of the best collections of contemporary street culture on earth, all within this hidden gem of NYC! Free and open to the public 24/7/365.

Artists Include: Abe Lincoln, Jr., Adam Dare, AM, Al Diaz, Alison Buxton, Andy Golub, Artmakers, ASVP, Beau Stanton, Billy Mode, Caleb Neelon, Cekis, Cern, Cey Adams, Christopher Cardinale, Chris Soria, Chris Stain, Col Wallnuts, Cram Concepts, CRASH, Crisp, D Gale, Dan Witz, Danielle Mastrion, Daryll Peirce, Dasic Fernandez, DAZE, Depoe, Don Leicht, EpicUno, EZO, Fumero, Gera, Greg Lamarche, Hellbent, Icy & Sot, JC, J Corp, Jamie Hef, Jerms, Jeromy Velasco, Joe Iurato, Joel Artista, John Breiner, John Fekner, Joseph Meloy, Josl, Kid Lew, Kimyon Huggins, KR.ONE, Kris Kanaly, KWUE Molly, Lady Pink, Lexi Bella, Lmnopi, LogikOne, MagdaLove, MAST, Mastro, MR. PRVRT, Never, Onel, PANIC, Peat Wollaeger, Philippe Mastrocola, Praxis, Python, Queen Andrea, Ramiro, Reme_821, Rene Gagnon, Rob Sharp, Royal Kingbee, Rubin415, Chris & Veng RWK, Ryan Seslow, SeeOne, Sest2, Shiro, Sien Ide, Sinned, Smith, Sonni, SpazeCraft, Stavro, Steven Cogle, Tragek, Tones, TOPAZ, TooFly, Vagabondom, Zheik, Zimad & many more!

This is a big art picnic-potluck so bring some of your favorite tasty foods, beverages, or other contributions to share.

* HELP AND ASSISTANCE * If you would like to support this project, there are many ways to contribute.

  1. Fiscal support $$$: very awesome (and tax deductible, if so desired).
  2. Materials and tools: spray paint, bucket paint, primer, paint rollers, brushes, pans, ladders, scaffolding, etc. are always useful and appreciated.
  3. VOLUNTEER! We appreciate and need your assistance to make this as amazing as possible. Some areas of interest: on-site support for artists and general pubic; social media/Press/PR outreach, video documentation.

Directions – TO GET THERE:

1) By Public Transit: Take the N or W train to 30th Ave. Then go west down 30th Ave to 12th St. by a) walking 10-15 minutes or; b) taking the Q18 Bus.

2) By Car: Here is a link to the street map:

Thank you for your interest and support, we look forward to seeing you soon! Your attendance is invited and highly encouraged

Help spread the word:

>> With many arms, our reach is wide. <<

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Last Day of Gaia & Disaster!

"Frame 16," Imminent DisasterThis is the last day to view the Gaia and Imminent Disaster Show! Likewise this is the last day of Hiro Kurata, Tommii Lim, and Nancie Yang in the project room and alcove! So stop what you’re doing if you haven’t seen this show and come over now. Make sure you make it to Ad Hoc by 8, before the opportunity is gone!

Gaia & Imminent Disaster

gaiadisaster2Opening Reception: Friday, June 26th 2009

Choosing a moniker after the Greek goddess of the earth, Gaia uses animals, folklore, fairytales and stories from other cultures to convey a narrative within his pieces. Having first been exposed to street art by Cheekz, Gaia’s awareness of street art came as a truly momentous direction for his artistic endeavors. Gaia continues to experiment with different processes as he brings his works to the galleries and the streets of NYC and beyond.

Imminent Disaster first started doing street art as a way of culture jamming. Since then she has gradually been developing pieces that explore the tensions between present day and historical New York. From bits of cobblestone and defunct tramlines to old warehouses gutted and resold as hip condos, Imminent Disaster turns a classical eye toward modern urban life, and reveals what has been lost.

Nancie Yang in the Alcove

Nancie Yang

Nancie Yang

June 26th – July 26th 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, June 26th, 7-10pm

Nancie Yang creates her works out of her rural Pennsylvania home. Her female characters are rarely happy, barely looking you in the eye. You may judge them as an emotional void, filled with demons. There is, however, much to discover beyond these girls’ guarded exteriors.  Their creativity is manifested by swirling geometric spirits, representative of their surreal inner selves.

Hiro Kurata and Tommii Lim

Tommii LimHiro Kurata

Hiro Kurata & Tommii Lim

June 26th – July 26th 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, June 26th, 7-10pm

Tommii Lim’s paintings problematize the paradigms governing the (in) activity of “minority” races and of Hollywood against an urban American landscape rife with social, cultural and political challenges. His previous work captured silent (complacent) Asians in America through characters with unidentifiable faces. Current work places familiar celebrities or other skeletal subjects in unwittingly destructive situations. He lives, paints and does apparel design in Long Beach, CA.

Hiro Kurata was born in Osaka Japan, and grew up in Tokyo and Chicago. His main focus is in creating surrealistic moment through his paintings,using motif of baseball figures, chairs and monsters. Creation is a progress and he believes that true creation will contribute to the human society in an evolutionary way.