Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc Art {AHA} began its dynamic existence as an art gallery, community space, and creative fulcrum in 2006.  Since its grassroots beginnings, it has evolved into a dynamic design house and cultural think tank using art, collaboration, and consciousness to thoughtfully address the obstacles of today’s challenging times and fertilize the much needed social change.

Dedicated to showing work that is often marginalized by the traditional art scene, AHA highlights the areas of street art, pop surrealism, lowbrow, illustration, comic book, tattoo, and printmaking, as well as the larger and extensive history of underground art, activism, and graffiti.  It is a vehicle for artists who are passionate, committed to their craft, and challenging the boundaries of a “Fine Art” isolated from society at large.

Ad Hoc Art resulted as one of the primary efforts of Peripheral Media Projects {PMP}, a graphic design & print studio.  From September 2005-January 2010, AHA & PMP were bosom buddies located next door to one another off the Morgan Avenue “L” train in an area zoned the “East Williamsburg Industrial Park.”  Amongst concrete factories, lumber yards, metal recyclers, and waves of creative-types looking for relatively affordable live/work spaces, the two entities blazed a salient trail as they ushered street art, consciousness, and activism to the forefront of the art world.

As AHA & PMP continue to try and increase the overall goodness on planet earth, they are bringing forth an ecologically-driven art residency and cultural development center in the amazing country of Vermont-land.  In addition to the center’s location being the Buxton’s family homestead dating to the 1700’s, it was also home and studio to a very important figure to modern printmaking, Harry Shokler.  After helping blaze the trail for the new art form of Serigraphy, Shokler worked in the still-standing barn studio for more than 40 years uniting screen printing’s industrial commercial rigor with the infinite creativity of art & the human spirit.  We are greatly pleasured and honored to be carrying on his pioneering footsteps.

Be it NYC, Vermont, or somewhere else on planet Earth, Ad Hoc Art continues to showcase public projects, artists and movements worth keeping an eye on.  Mailing address can be found in our “Contact Us” section.  This website and our emails are the best way to hear about the updates.



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