oOo Ad Hoc Art 10 year and Luna Park book launch = knockout combo; come back for more! oOo

Ad Hoc Art 10 year_102216

Photo: Garrison Buxton for Ad Hoc Art

Wow, what a shindig and anniversary celebration! The doors were indeed blown wide open and the familial freaks came out in full force. 

Luna Park was in full effect moving serious stacks at the launch of her first book, (UN) SANCTIONED: THE ART OF NEW YORK STREETS. This jewel shows some of the best action around through the eye and lens of one of graffiti and the street’s most respected photographers. You can buy it by clicking here!

“Heavy on New York artists, particularly her favorites and dear friends, the collection captures a splendid offering of the spine tingling pieces of ephemera one could stumble upon here in the last 11 years – if they did the hard work. Expertly collected and selected, this above all is a reflection of one personal journey.” – Brooklyn Street Art

We are honored to have written some words for it too.


The exhibition showcases the eclectic history of art in public spaces, from pre-graffiti to now, and the incredible talent that has come out of the streets and through AHA over the past decade; from old school legends to next level up-and-comers. 

While the exhibit was only viewable in the flesh for one weekend, it will be up online soon!

Participants Include: Alison Buxton, AVOID, Becky Fuller, Billy Mode, Caleb Neelon, Cash4, Cern, Chris RWK, Christopher Cardinale, Col Wallnuts, CRASH, Dan Witz, Daryll Peirce, Dave Loewenstein, Don Leicht, Elle, EpicUno, Ewelina Koszykowska, Ezra Li Eismont, Gaia, Garrison Buxton, Gigi Chen, Greg Lamarche, Halcyon Buxton, Hellbent, Icy & Sot, JC, J Corp, Jaime Rojo, Jenna Morello, Jennifer Caviola, Jennifer Harris, Joe Iurato, Joe Russo, John Ahearn, John Breiner, John Fekner, Jonathan Villoch, Jordan Seiler, Josh Macphee, Kevin Caplicki, Kimyon Huggins, Lady Pink, Lmnopi, LogikOne, Luna Park, Mike Fitzsimmons, Molly Crabapple, Nathan Pickett, Noh J Coley, Patrick Chirico, Peat Wollaeger, Peter Carroll, Praxis, Pufferella, Queen Andrea, RJ Rushmore, Ray Cross, Royce Bannon, Reid Harris Cooper, Ryan Seslow, Sam Horine, SeeOne, Sest2, Shiro, Sinned, Specter, Steve Harrington, Stikman, Subtexture, Swoon, Tod Seelie, Thundercut, TooFly, Veng RWK, Wane COD, YesOne & more.

Many thanks to all of the artists, appreciators, creative freakers, movers and shakers, and supporters that have helped keep this ship sailing. We look forward to many more years of action and adventure with you!

In solidarity; Forever we are one. With many arms, our reach is wide.

Ad Hoc Art

oOo Ad Hoc Art’s Welling Court Mural Project gears up for Open House New York Weekend, Oct. 15/16; tours, art, & more! oOo

Q-Welling Court Mural Project_credit Garrison Buxton


Welling Court Mural Project participates for another year of Open House New York Weekend action!
When: Saturday & Sunday, October 15th & 16th, 2016
Hours: 10am-6pm with tours @ 11am, 2pm, 4:30pm both days.

Welling Court on Instagram / Welling Court on Facebook / Ad Hoc Art on Twitter / Ad Hoc Art on Facebook

Whether you are an avid follower of art in the streets or just beginning to notice all the public delights, the Welling Court Mural Project will leave you smiling. Come see this groundbreaking street art project up close and personal and dialogue with the organizers, artists, and residents that help make it all happen. Celebrating the streets, solidarity, community, and culture, this is one of the best collections of contemporary street on earth, representing over 50 years of artists working in the public sphere, all within this hidden gem of NYC!

Now in its seventh year, the project continues to meld a spectacular crew of legendary artists together with a fresh mix of emerging talents from around the block and around the world! Free and open to the public 24/7/365. With many arms our reach is wide; one mural at a time; forever we are one!

Sat & Sun Tour Info: Ad Hoc Art’s co-founder and director, Garrison Buxton, will lead tours at 11am, 2, and 4:30pm on both days.

For Kids: Kids and adults love checking out street art, and they also love making stickers! There will be sticker-making sessions throughout the day where kids and adults of all ages can create and walk away with their own stickers!

Access Notes: As this is a walking tour of a public art project in the streets, bring comfortable shoes, clothing appropriate to the weather, and whatever food and beverage you need to stay energized & hydrated. There are several locations in the neighborhood to buy tasty food and beverages. As with most of NYC, restrooms are available in local establishments with patronage.

Image Credit: Garrison Buxton; Mural: Ron Hall

For more OHNY Weekend info, go here: