* Art as Work, Work as Art: Pace yourself.

oOo – WHEN – oOo
* September 14-21st; October 3 – 17th are the windows.

{For those of you who like more structured slots, we created some, shown below. If it would like to discuss other needs, let us know.  We will accommodate if able.}

oOo – WHO – oOo
QUESTION: WHO are we hoping to work with as volunteers?

ANSWER: Participants, like you, who:

1} appreciate what we do (in some way, shape, or form):

a. as Ad Hoc Art {a creative fulcrum showcasing outstanding artists often marginalized by the larger art scene}


b. as Peripheral Media Projects {a collaborative social think tank that melds print, activism, social awareness, and community with out-of-the-box fine art & design}


c. as human beings in general.


2} would like to help us continue onward and upward.

You should enjoy a sense of adventure, spending time living/eating/ working with others, experiencing different ways of living, and learning new things.

oOo – WHAT – oOo
We are accepting volunteers interested in helping with the various projects to be accomplished in Vermont between now and the middle of October.

While continuing to keep creative energies up with public and private art projects in NYC, 2010 & 2011 have Ad Hoc Art & Peripheral Media Projects flexing their dynamic vision muscle to strengthen community across the globe and create an ecological sustainable headquarters in Vermont.


A briefing on the Vermont project; a couple of nice items:

1 } Dating back more than 200 years, the location is an old family homestead of AHA co-founders Garrison & Alison.

2} Additionally, this location is where Harry Shokler, one of early movers and shakers of contemporary Serigraphy (a.k.a. screen printing), developed the medium and helped bring it from an industrial application into an accepted and recognized form of fine art.

Yes, it is true and almost too far out: the man partly responsible for birthing the art form we hold so dear was rocking revolutionary screen printing and art history at our family’s old stomping grounds for 40 years!  He and his wife lived and worked in the same home and barn studio that still stand today and that are the future site of the Ad Hoc Art / Peripheral Media Projects creative design studio, print shop, and sustainable living center.

We are ecstatic to breath wind into the sails of this great endeavor and help revitalize a rich chapter in the history of printmaking and art.  We invite you to be a part of the experience and contribute as much into the mix as you desire.


Come up, get your fun on, get your work on, and get back to nature.  If ever you have longed to have more fresh air to breath, clean water to drink, lovely skies overhead, great company around you, and some solid work action underhand and foot, now is an excellent opportunity.

This experience is an exchange – In return for your volunteer help of at least 6 hours per day, we offer food, accommodation, and opportunities to learn about and contribute towards creative & sustainable living.  The main requirement is that you have a genuine interest in learning about more ecologically sound living and contributing towards that goal.

{both indoor and outdoor}

* Woodworking/carpentry – patching & replacing window sills, dormers, window frames; window shutters; building shelves, support beams, etc.

* Gardening/Landscaping – trimming, pruning, digging stuff up, cutting stuff down, moving dirt, wheel barrows, stones, etc. wrapping up 2010 garden and planning for winter/spring 2011

* Patching holes/gaps around the interior and exterior walls

* House painting, paint scraping, wall painting

* Electrical – running circuits, installing fixtures, switches & receptacles, bringing power to where there was no power

* Clearing/Drying out a basement – extracting heavy objects, old beams, misc. debris and material from basement, raking, leveling and installing vapor barrier; moving gravel, sand

* Any experience with roofing is a plus, as we have some places to tighten down.


o Via AUTO o

If you have an auto and are willing to bring others, let us know so we can set up ride sharing.  Londonderry is not currently directly reachable by train.  You can google Londonderry, VT 05148 to get the gist.

For our automobile transport from Albany/NYC to/from VT, seating is limited (6-8 passengers), so please let us know your desired itinerary as soon as possible if you seek a ride with us.

o Via MASS TRANSIT o and both go from NYC to to Albany-Rensselaer rail station.  Megabus is by far the cheapest.  We will be running weekly AHA/PMP Transportation (see the “{T}” below) between Vermont and Albany-Rensselaer station as well as Vermont to NYC, date depending.

AHA’s pick up/drop off at Albany-Rensselaer will focus on two buses:
#1= the bus that departs NYC Penn Station at 11:15am & arrives in Albany at 2pm and
#2= the bus that leaves Albany at 2:30pm and arrives in NYC at 5:15pm.
* We will be there from 1:50pm-2:35pm to drop off/pick up.

oOo – WHEN {More detailed} – oOo
While September 14 – 21st and October 3 – 17th are the bigger windows, the following are blocks where we will be assisting with transport from Albany to Vermont:


* September 14-17 or 21st (Tuesday – Tuesday):{T} Beacon, NY to Vermont, then VT to NYC

* October 3 – 10th (Sunday-Sunday): {T} NYC to Vermont, then VT to Albany

* October 10 – 17th (Sunday-Sunday): {T} Albany to Vermont, then VT to NYC

Vermont is an incredible state, full of excellent ingenuity, intuitiveness, and the understanding of the importance one’s community.  Be prepared to eat locally-grown produce and experience the benefits of another approach to life.  An incredible fresh water lake is just down the road and trees all around.