3 Solid projects sure to rock your socks off: Willoughby Windows v2.0, Welling Court Mural Project, and Central Park SummerStage


1} Willoughby Windows opens TODAY, Friday, May 14th, 2-6PM (in Brooklyn) – 15 artists take on a Brooklyn block

2} The Welling Court Mural Project opens next Saturday, May 22nd, 4-10PM (in Queens) – survey of 50 + years of street art by 30+ artists = lots of awesome walls!

3} Central Park SummerStage from June 1st to September

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1} Willoughby Windows v2.0:

Opening Friday, May 14th, 2-6pm

106 Willoughby Street (not Ave), Downtown Brooklyn

Artists include: C.Damage, Chris Mendoza & Pablo Power, Daryll Peirce, Faust, Hellbent, Jef Aerosol, Joe Iurato, Laura Lee, LogikOne, Ron English, Skewville, and Thundercut.

Willoughby Windows transforms 13 vacant storefronts into a street level gallery, bringing art directly to the community.  Over 15 well known artists, all with roots in street art, have contributed to this project, most creating site specific works.  This network of visual experiences can help redefine how people visiting, working and living in Downtown Brooklyn think about and interact with their environment during a time of transition.

The first exhibit, opened in July 10, 2009 with much fanfare.   The windows featured works by Cannonball Press, Cycle, Dennis McNett, John Ahearn, Logan Hicks, Michael De Feo, and Morning Breath, to name a few.  The exhibit was a welcome addition to the community and helped enliven the street and neighborhood.  People from around the world have come to visit the installations, with great acclaim.

Ad Hoc Art has lined up another spectacular roster of energetic artists from around the world, all highly regarded and ready to take the street to another level of creative vision.

2} Welling Court Mural Project:

The opening is Saturday, May 22nd, 4-10pm.  The community is hosting a street party for the event and encourages people to bring food and drink to share in the spirit.

Welling Court Artists include: Alice Mizrachi, Beast, Chris Mendoza, Chris Stain, Celso, Cern, Cey Adams, CR, Cycle, Dan Witz, Darkclouds, Daryll Peirce, Don Leicht, Free5, Gaia, Garrison & Alison Buxton, Greg Lamarche, JMR, John Fekner, Lady Pink, Leon Reid, Matt Siren, M-City, Michael De Feo, Mr. Kiji, Pablo Power, Peripheral Media Projects, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Ron English, Royce Bannon, Sofia Maldonado, Swoon, TooFly, Tristan Eaton, and Veng RWK.

The address is 11-98 Welling Court, Queens, NY 11102

The project represents a great pairing of individuals and groups interested in making their communities and the world a more engaged and creative place.  Members of the Welling Court neighborhood in Queens reached out, wanting to beautify their neighborhood walls and enliven their surroundings and Brooklyn’s Ad Hoc Art, an arts organization known for supporting and expanding the accessibility of street art to the masses in NYC and throughout the world, was an perfect fit.

Ad Hoc’s vision was to showcase the diverse and rich history of artists, activists, and creators driven by their passion for expression and their dreams for a better world.  The project’s roster represents over 50 years of the expansive and diverse history of street art, bringing together artists whose productivity spans from pre/graffiti legends to the latest movers and shakers.  While a strong New York City contingency represents the city’s legacy as a bubbling brew of public expression, international players reflect the global impact of the movement that burst from the Big Apple.

The project begins at the intersection of Welling Court, 30th Avenue and 12th Street and extends north along 30th Avenue and then east along Main Avenue, across the street from the Two Coves Community Garden.  The street of Welling Court is a beautiful reminder to the rich diversity that exists within New York City.  The block is a melting pot representing people of African American, Greek, Peruvian, Ecuadoran, Mexican, Brazilian, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Italian origin, to name a few.

Likewise, the project includes a diverse pool.  Latin American, African American, Caucasian, and Asian artists as well as natives from Poland, Venezuela, & Puerto Rico are represented, among others.

3} Central Park SummerStage

Ad Hoc Art is thrilled to be representing to the fullest with musical and artistic talents from around the world at Central Park’s legendary SummerStage concert series as it celebrates its 25th year!

Ad Hoc Art will be creating live art and clothing throughout the summer season melding visual art with the aural delights of The Flaming Lips, Pavement, and many many more.  Uniting artists, spectator, and participant, Ad Hoc will keep the art pulse beating with steady rotations of brand new imagery and world renowned guest artists, creating art live on the spot.

Bringing our passion and expertise in the alternative art worlds to the NYC and global masses couldn’t make for a much better summer!

Go to http://www.summerstage.org/ to download the 2010 schedule as a pdf.  New website and online schedule coming soon.

For more information, please call 917.602.2153 or email info@adhocart.org

Our best to you.

Ad Hoc Art