THIS FRIDAY August 7, 2009-Chris Stain, Armsrock, and Ezra Li!

Come see Chris Stain, Armsrock (in the front gallery) and Ezra Li Eismont (in the project room) at Ad Hoc Art Gallery!
The opening is on Friday, August 7th, from 7-10pm
The show will be open during regular gallery hours from August 7th – Sep 6th 2009.

Chris Stain 4
This will be an awesome opening; everyone should definitely come out for a good time with good people and amazing art. You will not be let down! Last time we had a show with Stain he built an entire shantytown, be prepared to be impressed!
For more information on the artists or the event, read below. Also some of their new imagery is freshly available to be viewed under their name is the “Available Work” category.
Hope to see you here FRIDAY!
IN THE FRONT GALLERY: Chris Stain & Armsrock present “I KNOW THERE IS LOVE”
Chris Stain first became infected by graffiti’s bold colors, striking form, and independent nature as a child in the summer of 1984. As time went by he investigated other avenues of art such as print making, graphic design, and screen printing. Stain’s work is a direct reflection of the people, neighborhoods, and struggles that are swept along with the every day lives of the common American. It is his hope that through the work he will be able to convey the importance of the role of the less recognized individual of society.
Armsrock is an artist and activist whose work focuses on the human condition in the urban environment. By creating hundreds of unique drawings of his fellow citizens, and placing these original pieces on the walls of the city, Armsrock makes an attempt to generate a critical understanding of the stories and fates that house us.

"Zombie Jesus" Ezra Li
The idea of Neters, or principles which precede their physical manifestations, is what led Eismont to the study sacred art and cosmic diagrams. How can we illustrate our connection to the divine? The allegorical diagrams of Robert Fludd, the sacred Mandalas and Thangkas of Tibet, these provide clues and inspiration, a roadmap for our journey through life. Everything begins as a seed, and goes through a process of unfolding through time, growth, and final destruction. Our consciousness helps to guide us through this process of growth; our intent shapes the world around us. Thus we have the ability to mold reality with our thoughts and intentions. Put simply, this is magic, and this is what we are. Participating in the universality of these cosmic diagrams is how Ezra Li Eismont beautifully proliferates his relationship to reality. Ezra Li was the spawn of an artistic environment – his mother a painter and poet, his step-father a painter, his father a potter and designer, his step-mother a designer and watercolorist, his grandfather a clown, writer, illustrator, painter and circus performer. He is a Brooklyn native who moved to the Bay area to attend California College of Arts and Crafts, where in 1996 he earned his B.F.A. in painting, and studied under Raymond Saunders, Jack Mendenhall, & Mary Snowden.
It’s nearly impossible to describe Eismont’s early career in just a few short paragraphs. His widespread and prolific output not only demonstrates his interdisciplinary qualities, but also shows his undeniable influence over many hundreds of young Bay Area artists, who are just now realizing their own success in the gallery world. Eismont has been a leading artist for his generation by exhibiting with countless Bay Area galleries and museums such as 111 Minna, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Upper Playground, and Gallery A.D. in San Jose. Examples of his work have appeared on flyers and album covers for local parties and groups such as the Bay Area Art Collective and Cat Five. He has also published work in ANARCHY, WIRED, and PRINT Magazines ,as well as the bay areas graffiti book GRAFFITO (by Michael Walsh, 1996). Eismont’s work resides in hundreds of private collections internationally.
He is currently involved with the San Francisco based Gestalt Collective, a group of collaborative muralists. Together they produced a site specific mural for the Y.B.C.A.’s “Bay area now” show in 2005. A sample of Eismont’s work can be viewed at