oOo 8th Annual Welling Court Mural Project opens Saturday, June 10th, 12-8pm! oOo




11-98 Welling Court, at 30th Avenue & 12th Street

Astoria, New York, 11102


Public Opening Saturday June 10, 2017, 12pm-8pm

Then viewable 24/7/365

Garrison Buxton, Director – 917.602.2153

AD HOC ART CONTINUES THE ACCLAIMED WELLING COURT MURAL PROJECT WITH 100+ ARTISTS SPANNING 50+ YEARS PAINTING 150+ SPOTS   —  An Art Event Celebrating the Streets, Solidarity, Community, and Culture.

After members of the Welling Court community met at Ad Hoc Art’s Bushwick gallery, they invited Ad Hoc Art to envision how to beautify their neighborhood. Thus, having the community support and a timely visit by Poland’s wall-crushing M-City, the first mural was painted in the freezing temperatures of December 2009. Ad Hoc Art used the rest of the winter to plan the launch of the first multi-block mural project that occurred in May 2010 and comprised over 40 murals. Continually melding a spectacular crew of legendary artists together with a diverse mix of fresh talent, the annual project now hosts over 150 murals by artists from around the corner and around the world, providing new arrays of visual experiences that change how people interact with their environment.

With the participating artists spanning over 50 years of public work, the Welling Court Mural Project is one of the best collections of contemporary street culture on earth, all within this hidden gem of NYC! Free and open to the public 24/7/365.

Artists Include: Abe Lincoln, Jr., Adam Dare, AM, Al Diaz, Alison Buxton, Andy Golub, Artmakers, ASVP, Beau Stanton, Billy Mode, Caleb Neelon, Cekis, Cern, Cey Adams, Christopher Cardinale, Chris Soria, Chris Stain, Col Wallnuts, Cram Concepts, CRASH, Crisp, D Gale, Dan Witz, Danielle Mastrion, Daryll Peirce, Dasic Fernandez, DAZE, Depoe, Don Leicht, EpicUno, EZO, Fumero, Gera, Greg Lamarche, Hellbent, Icy & Sot, JC, J Corp, Jamie Hef, Jerms, Jeromy Velasco, Joe Iurato, Joel Artista, John Breiner, John Fekner, Joseph Meloy, Josl, Kid Lew, Kimyon Huggins, KR.ONE, Kris Kanaly, KWUE Molly, Lady Pink, Lexi Bella, Lmnopi, LogikOne, MagdaLove, MAST, Mastro, MR. PRVRT, Never, Onel, PANIC, Peat Wollaeger, Philippe Mastrocola, Praxis, Python, Queen Andrea, Ramiro, Reme_821, Rene Gagnon, Rob Sharp, Royal Kingbee, Rubin415, Chris & Veng RWK, Ryan Seslow, SeeOne, Sest2, Shiro, Sien Ide, Sinned, Smith, Sonni, SpazeCraft, Stavro, Steven Cogle, Tragek, Tones, TOPAZ, TooFly, Vagabondom, Zheik, Zimad & many more!

This is a big art picnic-potluck so bring some of your favorite tasty foods, beverages, or other contributions to share.

* HELP AND ASSISTANCE * If you would like to support this project, there are many ways to contribute.

  1. Fiscal support $$$: very awesome (and tax deductible, if so desired).
  2. Materials and tools: spray paint, bucket paint, primer, paint rollers, brushes, pans, ladders, scaffolding, etc. are always useful and appreciated.
  3. VOLUNTEER! We appreciate and need your assistance to make this as amazing as possible. Some areas of interest: on-site support for artists and general pubic; social media/Press/PR outreach, video documentation.

Directions – TO GET THERE:

1) By Public Transit: Take the N or W train to 30th Ave. Then go west down 30th Ave to 12th St. by a) walking 10-15 minutes or; b) taking the Q18 Bus.

2) By Car: Here is a link to the street map:

Thank you for your interest and support, we look forward to seeing you soon! Your attendance is invited and highly encouraged

Help spread the word:

>> With many arms, our reach is wide. <<

Welling Court on Facebook / Welling Court on Instagram / Ad Hoc Art on Twitter

oOo Here’s the Map for 2016’s 7th Annual Welling Court Mural Project. Enjoy human creativity! oOo

A huge shout out and thanks to the community for having us, the artists for bringing their best, and for all the volunteers, supporters, aficionados, and fans who help make it happen. Year after year, we are humbled by this action.

Fear less, love more. One mural at a time. With many arms, our reach is wide.


If you enjoy this project and what we do, please consider making  a tax-deductible donation to support and help make art happen.

oOo Ad Hoc Art 10 year and Luna Park book launch = knockout combo; come back for more! oOo

Ad Hoc Art 10 year_102216

Photo: Garrison Buxton for Ad Hoc Art

Wow, what a shindig and anniversary celebration! The doors were indeed blown wide open and the familial freaks came out in full force. 

Luna Park was in full effect moving serious stacks at the launch of her first book, (UN) SANCTIONED: THE ART OF NEW YORK STREETS. This jewel shows some of the best action around through the eye and lens of one of graffiti and the street’s most respected photographers. You can buy it by clicking here!

“Heavy on New York artists, particularly her favorites and dear friends, the collection captures a splendid offering of the spine tingling pieces of ephemera one could stumble upon here in the last 11 years – if they did the hard work. Expertly collected and selected, this above all is a reflection of one personal journey.” – Brooklyn Street Art

We are honored to have written some words for it too.


The exhibition showcases the eclectic history of art in public spaces, from pre-graffiti to now, and the incredible talent that has come out of the streets and through AHA over the past decade; from old school legends to next level up-and-comers. 

While the exhibit was only viewable in the flesh for one weekend, it will be up online soon!

Participants Include: Alison Buxton, AVOID, Becky Fuller, Billy Mode, Caleb Neelon, Cash4, Cern, Chris RWK, Christopher Cardinale, Col Wallnuts, CRASH, Dan Witz, Daryll Peirce, Dave Loewenstein, Don Leicht, Elle, EpicUno, Ewelina Koszykowska, Ezra Li Eismont, Gaia, Garrison Buxton, Gigi Chen, Greg Lamarche, Halcyon Buxton, Hellbent, Icy & Sot, JC, J Corp, Jaime Rojo, Jenna Morello, Jennifer Caviola, Jennifer Harris, Joe Iurato, Joe Russo, John Ahearn, John Breiner, John Fekner, Jonathan Villoch, Jordan Seiler, Josh Macphee, Kevin Caplicki, Kimyon Huggins, Lady Pink, Lmnopi, LogikOne, Luna Park, Mike Fitzsimmons, Molly Crabapple, Nathan Pickett, Noh J Coley, Patrick Chirico, Peat Wollaeger, Peter Carroll, Praxis, Pufferella, Queen Andrea, RJ Rushmore, Ray Cross, Royce Bannon, Reid Harris Cooper, Ryan Seslow, Sam Horine, SeeOne, Sest2, Shiro, Sinned, Specter, Steve Harrington, Stikman, Subtexture, Swoon, Tod Seelie, Thundercut, TooFly, Veng RWK, Wane COD, YesOne & more.

Many thanks to all of the artists, appreciators, creative freakers, movers and shakers, and supporters that have helped keep this ship sailing. We look forward to many more years of action and adventure with you!

In solidarity; Forever we are one. With many arms, our reach is wide.

Ad Hoc Art

oOo Ad Hoc Art’s Welling Court Mural Project gears up for Open House New York Weekend, Oct. 15/16; tours, art, & more! oOo

Q-Welling Court Mural Project_credit Garrison Buxton


Welling Court Mural Project participates for another year of Open House New York Weekend action!
When: Saturday & Sunday, October 15th & 16th, 2016
Hours: 10am-6pm with tours @ 11am, 2pm, 4:30pm both days.

Welling Court on Instagram / Welling Court on Facebook / Ad Hoc Art on Twitter / Ad Hoc Art on Facebook

Whether you are an avid follower of art in the streets or just beginning to notice all the public delights, the Welling Court Mural Project will leave you smiling. Come see this groundbreaking street art project up close and personal and dialogue with the organizers, artists, and residents that help make it all happen. Celebrating the streets, solidarity, community, and culture, this is one of the best collections of contemporary street on earth, representing over 50 years of artists working in the public sphere, all within this hidden gem of NYC!

Now in its seventh year, the project continues to meld a spectacular crew of legendary artists together with a fresh mix of emerging talents from around the block and around the world! Free and open to the public 24/7/365. With many arms our reach is wide; one mural at a time; forever we are one!

Sat & Sun Tour Info: Ad Hoc Art’s co-founder and director, Garrison Buxton, will lead tours at 11am, 2, and 4:30pm on both days.

For Kids: Kids and adults love checking out street art, and they also love making stickers! There will be sticker-making sessions throughout the day where kids and adults of all ages can create and walk away with their own stickers!

Access Notes: As this is a walking tour of a public art project in the streets, bring comfortable shoes, clothing appropriate to the weather, and whatever food and beverage you need to stay energized & hydrated. There are several locations in the neighborhood to buy tasty food and beverages. As with most of NYC, restrooms are available in local establishments with patronage.

Image Credit: Garrison Buxton; Mural: Ron Hall

For more OHNY Weekend info, go here:

oOo That’s right, we are celebrating 10 years of Ad Hoc Art, Luna Park’s book launch, and much more! oOo

Ad Hoc 10 Year w/ Luna Park

photo: Luna Park

We are very excited to celebrate a big birthday this year as Ad Hoc Art turns 10 years old! We are blowing the doors wide open and will be producing an eclectic variety of events, including an exhibition, Luna Park book launch, panel discussions, art-making workshops, and some solid family time with your creative dcommunity.

The exhibition will showcase the incredible talent that has come out of AHA over the past decade from the old school legends to the next level up-and-comers.

Ad Hoc is very excited to have their good friend, Luna Park, in the mix with the  launch of her book, (UN) SANCTIONED: THE ART OF NEW YORK STREETS. This jewel shows some of the best action around through the eye and lens of one of graffiti and the street’s most respected photographers.

We will also have panel discussions on salient topics from the public art realms, screen printing workshops with Ad Hoc Art & friends, and more!

Exhibition and book launch open Saturday, October 22nd, 6-10pm, at 17 Frost, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Events each weekend through November 19th closing party. More info soon.

Many thanks to all of the artists, art appreciators, creative freakers, movers and shakers, and eclectic supporters that have helped keep this ship sailing. We look forward to many more years of action and adventure with you!

See you soon.

In solidarity; Forever we are one.

Ad Hoc Art

oOo To help celebrate the National Parks Service Centennial, Ad Hoc Art is working with the GNR and RAA to liven up your summer! oOo



To come in July/August: We will be involved in some panels and workshops bringing contemporary street art to a unique setting.

NOW, on the front burner: Call for Artists: Submit sketches to be considered for the juried exhibit Forbidden Fruit: Street Art in a National Park

July 2 – September 5, 2016, sTudio 7 gallery & garden, Fort Tilden, Rockaway, NY   

Artists are asked to create a panel – 8 feet high x 12 feet wide focusing on one of these topics: Pollinators or Aviators. All styles of street art welcome.

Selected artists receive $1000.00 and a supply budget of $700.00. Artists will paint on-site in RAA’s sTudio 7 gallery and sculpture garden in Ft. Tilden, Rockaway, NY.

Send a 2-3 color sketch, entry form, 2-3 examples of your work to RAA by May 25, 2016.

For further info:!upcoming-exhibitions/c907

We are working with the Rockaway Artists Alliance and Gateway National Recreation Area to mark the National Park Service Centennial with a special exhibit of commissioned works for an exhibit entitled Forbidden Fruit: Street Art in a National Park.

Rockaway Artists Alliance (RAA) and Gateway National Recreation Area, the National Park in the metro NYC area, are producing a special exhibit of commissioned works of Street Art in Fort Tilden. The exhibit will be shown in Rockaway Artists Alliance’s sTudio 7 Gallery and on specially installed Art Walls on the grounds. This project celebrates the centennial of the National Park Service occurring this year.

Street Art, a permitted activity, is a burgeoning genre and we wish to engage young and emerging artists who can tell visual stories to participate in this unique exhibit. Artists will create and show their works on a sanctioned platform in Fort Tilden, Rockaway, NY.

The opportunity is presented for artists to submit proposals on the categories aviators or pollinators for inclusion in this juried exhibition. There will be 8 feet high x 12 feet wide panels prepared for painting by selected artists.


Artists are asked to design a panel that is 8 feet high x 12 feet wide. Panels are outdoors on the RAA grounds and inside the main exhibition space of the sTudio 7 Gallery. Artists need to submit a rendering of a well-designed visual statement based on one of the below themes. Entries will be judged on overall layout and design telling a fascinating story that accurately depicts the subject. Bonus points for NPS centennial reference.

Audience: General, including children and seniors.

oOo LIC Art Stroll: Intimate tours of three great art spots in Astoria, NY, all in one afternoon! WCMP kicks it off! oOo

LIC Art Stroll: The Welling Court Mural Project, Socrates Sculpture Park, and The Noguchi Museum all in one afternoon!


Sunday, May 15, 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Meeting Point: 30th Ave Station, outside Sai Organics (30-21 30th Ave), Astoria, NY 11102, 2:00 pm prompt.

Tickets: $ 30.00, advance tickets required 

Join the Long Island City Cultural Alliance (LICCA) for its first Art Stroll of 2016 on Sunday, May 15th. This very special walking tour features guided tours of street art and graffiti visiting Ad Hoc Art‘s Welling Court Mural ProjectSocrates Sculpture Park’s 30th anniversary exhibition, LANDMARK, and The Noguchi Museum’s groundbreaking exhibition Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony.

We will meet at 30th Ave N/Q Station, at 30th Ave and 31st Street, northwest corner, in front of Sai Organics (30-21 30th Ave).

The stroll will begin with a tour of the vibrant street art and graffiti around 30th Avenue and Welling Court, led by Ad Hoc Art curator and Welling Court Mural Project organizer Garrison Buxton.

Rene Gagnon

Artist: Rene Gagnon; Photo: Garrison Buxton

From there the group will move south towards Socrates Sculpture Park for a guided tour of LANDMARK, a series of 8 artist commissions and projects that transform the land of the park both physically and symbolically.

Meg Webster, Concave Room for Bees, Installation view: Socrates Sculpture Park, 2016.

We will then cross Vernon Boulevard to tour The Noguchi Museum’s current exhibition Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony. This major exhibition is the first at the Museum to present work by a single artist other than Noguchi himself. The tour will be followed by a matcha making demonstration using Tom Sachs’ tea utensils.

Installation view, Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony, on view through July 24 at The Noguchi Museum. Photo: Genevieve Hanson

PLEASE NOTE: This walking tour is rain or shine. Good walking shoes are strongly recommended.

2:00 pm: Meet 30th Ave Station, Astoria (N,Q Subway lines). We will meet on the street level, northwest corner of 30th Avenue and 31st Street, in front of Sai Organics.

2:15 – 2:45 pm: Tour of the Welling Court Mural Project with Garrison Buxton, the project’s co-organizer and Ad Hoc Art curator

2:45 – 3:45 pm: Guided tour of LANDMARK, Socrates Sculpture Park’s 30th anniversary exhibition

3:45 – 5:00 pm: Tour of Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony at The Noguchi Museum, followed by matcha demonstration and reception

If you like this stroll, find out what else is going on at LICCA!

WHEN: Sunday, May 15, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EDT) – Add to Calendar

WHERE: Meeting point: Sai Organics – 30th Ave Station (N, Q trains) 30-21 30th Ave (at 31st Street), Astoria, NY 11102 – View Map


oOo Burners Berning in the Bronx for Bernie! oOo













For immediate release


Graffiti artists paint for Bernie Sanders

Bronx, New York – Along the Major Deegan Expressway, in the shadow of Yankee Stadium, a small team of respected graffiti art veterans joined up to show their support for the Vermont senator and hopeful presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The crowdfunded 120’ long x 3 stories high mural production was organized by Garrison Buxton and Alan Ket, and designed by Noah McDonough.

The diverse lineup of artists are: Garrison Buxton, Ces, DOC Tc5, Ewok One, John Fekner, Ket, Noah McDonough, Queen Andrea, Part One, Python, and Rath. The reason behind the art? “Bringing attention to Bernie Sanders during the New York primary so that he can win the nomination for the Democratic party. It is crucial to have a candidate that supports working people and is a voice of reason in this critical time in human history. Climate change, fossil fuels, and the destruction of the planet are but some of the issues he brings to light in a healthy and progressive manner,” states Alan Ket. “He is a once in a lifetime candidate and this is a once in a lifetime moment. Sanders has a lot of love and support coming his way and we wanted to show him in a big shout-out from the Bronx to all of NY and beyond.” voiced Garrison Buxton.

For further information and images contact:
Garrison Buxton

Photo: Garrison Buxton, Ad Hoc Art


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with such a great crew and treat to see it come together, all in less than a week! Big love to the Bern!

If you like what you see and would like to support us in reaching our crowdfunding goal, see the gofundme link here:

oOo Fasten your safety harnesses, the 7th Annual Welling Court Mural Project opens Saturday, June 11th! oOo

IcySot_WCMP2015_whrtny Icy & Sot, WCMP 2015. photo by whrtny

When: Satuday, June 11th, from noon until 8pm

Where: 11-90 Welling Court in Astoria, NY!

FB page link here

WCMP on Instagram

Ad Hoc Art on Twitter

It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air and paint is being applied.

Celebrating the streets, solidarity, community and culture! Eager to spruce up his neighborhood, Welling Court resident Jonathan Ellis connected with Ad Hoc Art in fall 2009 and they hit it off in great stride. The first Welling Court Mural Project (WCMP) debuted in May 2010 with 40+ murals transforming the neighborhood into a creative celebration and unique public art experience. Now in its 6th year, the WCMP continues to meld a spectacular crew of legendary artists together with a fresh mix of emerging talents. Spanning over 50 years of public work and over 130 murals, the WCMP is one of the best collections of contemporary street culture on earth, all within this hidden gem of NYC; free and open to the public 24/7/365!

Some of the artists include: Abe Lincoln, Jr., Andy Golub, Beau Stanton, Bishop203, Caleb Neelon, Cern, Christopher Cardinale, Chris Soria, Chuck Berrett, Crash, Dan Witz, Danielle Mastrion, Daze, Depoe, Don Leicht, Elle, Ellis Gallagher, EpicUno, Eyez, Gera, Greg Lamarche, Hellbent, Icy & Sot, Hef, Joe Iurato, John Breiner, John Fekner, Joseph Meloy, Katie Yamasaki, Kid Lew, Lady Pink, Lmnopi, LogikOne, MagdaLove, MAST, Matthew Ellis, Meres, Praxis, Python, Queen Andrea, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Raquel Echanique, Rene Gagnon, Royal Kingbee, Rubin415, RWK, Ryan Seslow, SEBS, SeeOne, Sinned, SpazeCraft, Subtexture, Steven Cogle, TooFly, Vera Times, Wane, Werc, Zed1, Zimad & many more.

As this is a walking tour of a public art project in the streets, bring comfortable shoes and whatever food and beverage you need to stay fed & hydrated. There are several locations around to buy food and beverages. Restrooms are available in local restaurants with patronage of the restaurant.

Come see how artists from around the world continue to unite with artists from the block to create site-specific works, which provide new arrays of visual experiences, changing how people perceive and interact with their environment.

Forever we are one. With many arms, our reach is wide.

Much love to you and yours.

Ad Hoc Art

oOo Join us for “Street Art Stories: A conversation with Swoon and DAZE” at the MCNY, Wednesday March 2nd! oOo

"Milton", Swoon

Wednesday, March 2 at 6:30 pm at the Museum of the City of New York

Ad Hoc Art is proud to be a co-sponsor of Street Art Stories: A conversation with Swoon and DAZE

Since graffiti emerged as a powerful form of self-expression on New York City streets in the 1970s, the city has grown into the epicenter of the contemporary street art movement. Ephemeral, often anonymous, and characterized by countless styles and techniques, street art appeals directly to passersby in often unexpected places, and on digital devices globally.

Join us for a conversation about the influence of the city in the storytelling of street artists and graffiti artists and how that influence is reflected in the work as it moves into galleries and museums.  This program is inspired by and delves into the themes of our exhibition Chris “Daze” Ellis: The City is My Muse.

  • DAZE, a major graffiti and street artist in New York since the late 1970s, whose work is currently on view at the Museum.
  • Swoon, one of the Brooklyn’s most celebrated street artists, exhibits her work at museums around the world, including her 2014 exhibition, Submerged Motherlands, at the Brooklyn Museum.
  • Steven Harrington and Jaime Rojo, founders of, have been documenting street art around the world for nearly a decade.

Use the code ART for discount tickets (only $10 instead of $16)!

Register online at

With many arms, our reach is wide

Ad Hoc Art